(very select Credits)

Artist Album Title Role Year
Andrea Dawn Doll LP P/E/M/M 2014
The Addies Self Titled EP M/M 2014
Jared and Amber Self Titled LP M/M 2014
Honduras Self Titled EP E/M 2013
Interstellar Self Titled LP M/M 2013
The Addies Victor Victor LP P/E/M 2013
Years It Can Kill LP P/E/M 2012
John Michaels & Seven Ships Other Side of The Stars LP P/E/M 2012
Andrea Dawn Theories of How We can be Friends LP M/M 2012
Champions Traveler LP P/E/M 2012
The Addies Victor Victor EP P/E/M 2012
Soft Speaker Vortrobos LP P/E/M 2011
Apteka Gargoyle Days LP P/E/M 2011
The Stamps Ventures of a Lifetime EP P/E/M 2011
Soft Speaker I'll Tend Your Garden LP P/E/M 2011
King Sparrow King Sparrow LP P/E/M 2010
Welcome to Ashley Beyond the Pale EP E/M 2010
Jeremy Keen and the False Starts Lock and Key LP M 2010
Secret Colours Secret Colours LP E 2010
The Rikters The Rikters LP P/E/M 2009
Color Radio Be Safe, Beware EP P/E/M 2009
Sailor and I EP M 2008
Snowsera Fictions EP P/E/M 2008
Color Radio "Feeling Like You... EP P/E/M 2008
Pet Lions Soft Right EP P/E/M 2008
Bailiff Mm Hmm EP E/M 2008
Sars Flannery "Sale of the Century" LP P/E/M 2007
The Academy is... From the Carpet EP E/M 2006
The Rikters "Don't you Get It!" EP P/E/M 2006
Dorian Minor Alarm Me P/E/M 2006
The Hush Sound So Sudden LP P/E/M 2005
The Audition It's all in Your Head EP P/E/M 2005
The Audition Victory Sampler P/E/M 2005
The Academy is... (The Author) EP P/E/M 2004
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