Music Mixing:

Mixing is an art and a science. It is the process in which previously recorded musical performances in a multi-track recording are creatively and technically bounced to Stereo. Mixing finalizes the individual levels of instruments, equalization, effects, panning, dynamics and tone of each instrument and sound in an arrangement. I love to mix using a hybrid of both analog and digital processing. Analog for color and punch; Digital for precision. This hybrid approach has unlimited tone possibilities. A sterile digital recording will come to life in the right hands and with the right tools. Every artist has a unique vision for how their music should sound. Please tell me your sonic vision for your music, mixing is where it all comes together.


Microphones and preamplifiers are amazing and powerful tools created to capture, color and document music. I am the conduit for the artist to the recorder. Focus on the music, I will capture it. I am capable of recording at any studio no matter how primitive or elaborate. Analog or digital. Let the music and creativity flow.


My goal is to bring a fresh and objective ear to your project. To help you achieve the desired vision for your music through each process. From the creation of the songs and music and into the recording. In post production from mixing through mastering. Roles I can fulfill as a record producer might include but are not limited to: helping budget your project, booking / negotiating studio time and sessions, hiring studio musicians, gather ideas, coach inspirational performances from talent. My role can be collaborative and may include; co-songwriting, musical arrangement, song composition, and performance. My role can be entrepreneurial. I want to share what we create, I want your song and music to succeed.

Music that is authentic has the potential to become Legendary.

Digital Mastering:

Radio ready digital mastering is the process in which I receive a final mix and optimize it for digital distribution. This process might involve bringing up the overall perceived volume to make a more competitive product. I might need to use frequency equalization to correct muddy or harsh tones from distracting the listening experience away from the intended focus. And / Or the opposite can be used to enhance the desired focal point of a musical piece. The goal is to create a marketable sounding final product according to the artists vision. A competitive sounding single or a cohesive flowing album. It is important to have an objective and fresh ear critically listen to your music on accurate monitors to ensure optimal playback on as many systems as possible.

Some of my Favorite Tools:

Neumann U87, Condenser Microphone

Universal Audio 610 Tube Preamps

Chandler EMI TG12345 "Curvebender" Abbey Road Stereo Mastering Equalizer

API 2500 Stereo Buss Compressor

Otari MTR90 2" Analog Tape Recorder

Royer R122 active Ribbon Microphone

Echoplate Plate Reverb

EMI TG1 Limiter